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The year is 2017. I am old and tired.

Most of the pages on this website were made between 2000 and 2006. I started this website before there was such a thing as Facebook or Twitter; before there were blogs; before I wrote books and failed to go to work. A lot of the pages here are clumsy satire that nowadays would appear on Twitter, and be forgotten within an hour. But at the time there was a certain magic to it; building the website out of HTML and glue, a hodgepodge mess of words, pictures and ideas. It didn't sit neatly alongside anything else, and I liked it all the more for that. I carved out a slice of raw Internet and made it my home.

The website sat here, doing nothing. The pages weren't thrust into anyone's face on Twitter; people came of their own accord and stayed if they liked it. They explored at their own pace. Building the website reminded me of playing old platform games like Jet Set Willy; the graphics were basic, but there was a sense of wit and wonder and adventure. It excited me, whether or not it excited anyone else.

The Internet has moved on. I also moved on but I'm not sure I like where I've moved on to. It's a wonderful luxury to create a page that no one can leave comments on.




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