For many years rumours have abounded about themanwhofellasleep. Who was this modern-day Rip Van Winkle, who could sleep through earthquakes and presidential assassinations?

Was it true that themanwhofellasleep ate only potatoes? Why was it said that he never left the house? Who was the glamorous, leggy blonde often pictured on his arm?

Well, now is the time to answer some of these questions.

I am themanwhofellasleep.

I was born in February 1975 and live in north London. Am I happy? No, not particularly, but I mustn't grumble. This site is all my own work, although I have nicked some photos from the web and played around with them. I am not an avant-garde art collective. I am just a short, slightly hairy man rambling away on the web.

Does this website make me any money? No. Themanwhofellasleep is an entirely non-profit organisation. This isn't intentional, but I haven't worked out any way of making any money through the site.

Am I a web virtuoso? No. I picked up a bit of Flash and Photoshop in various different jobs and have taught myself bits and pieces.

Is themanwhofellasleep available for weddings or bar mitzvahs? No. I do not perform in public, due to chronic stagefright and the fact that webpages translate poorly to the stage. However, I can do custom animations and graphics for website, but - this being reality - you will have to cross my palm with silver.

What plans does themanwhofellasleep have for the future?

I don't really know. I'd like to take the website into new directions, but I'm an old dog and quite bad at picking up new tricks.

The website has now been featured in FHM online (in their 100 top websites section), was website of the week in Bizarre magazine online and has been the subject of an article in the Independent on Sunday Talk of the Town magazine. It was also featured in WORD magazine.

Despite all this, I'm skint and bored, and the ducks continue to peck at my skin as I sleep.

If you have any questions, comments or simply wish to send me money, email me.

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Oh my darling Clementine...

Themanwhofellasleep with sleeping nephew.