And why not?



Look: a mousemat. And a small glass, nearly empty (absinthe - a gift from Germany, it tastes of aniseed and then later, vomit). And a mobile phone. Is it an intimate portrait of the failings of modern man: isolation, alienation, technology, repression? No. It is 5 little pictures. My favourite is the first one.

It is very easy to be motivated by hate. I certainly won't stop you. Here are some things I hate:

people who stand on the wrong side of escalators
people who take up too much room on trains, particularly people who bring their bicycles onto Silverlink trains
people who talk loudly on their mobiles in public places...trains, restaurants, cinema
Irish theme pubs
people who are rowdy on planes
waiting for things....especially trains
big plates with small food
bad adult-orientated cynical cartoons
loud noises on quiet songs

There are many things I like too. Too many to list now. I like nice food.

I like sleeping, too. I often sleep with a pillow over my face.