Fishcake's hard-hitting new autobiography is now available in all good bookshops. Tracing fishcake's story from roe to plate, this engrossing book serves as a modern day morality tale. The first 500 copies come with a free sprig of parsley.

"A thoroughly enjoyable read. I am blind", Stevie Wonder

"Why does God hate me so?",Glen Garry Glenn Ross

"We hate everything", the Daily Mail

"We're fickle apologists", the Guardian

"Nurse, my catheter has fallen upon the floor.", Tony Benn

"....the early years were not easy.
I never felt at ease with other fish..."


Fishcake has often been romantically linked with lemon. 
Discover the truth behind their relationship.

"Elton John has given me help when I really needed it. He's a true friend - I call him Auntie Elton."