Bertie the Box has laid a foundation of understanding and teamwork with children all over the world. Since premiering on CHB in April 1985, Bertie has become a phenomenal international success. The program is broadcast in more than 100 countries worldwide and is the top-rated pre-school program in the UK, Germany, Australia and Japan. Bertie's cardboard adventures have also enjoyed huge success in the United States, where it is the number-one-rated box-related kids' show.

Britain's best-loved box is now expanding his cardboard family with the debut of his 12th series on TMWFA this Autumn! In the latest exciting series, Bertie tackles a whole new range of suburban perils, from carrying tinned meat to rotting slowly in the rain!

Set in rural Barking, the charming tales of Bertie and his gang have found an eager audience worldwide. The characters live in a world where cardboard is respected and valued and at the end of each episode Bertie looks back on the lessons he has learnt.

SCOOPOO developed Bertie the Box over a 14-year period, carefully planning the program's creative development and positive, pro-environment themes. The result is a mind-blowing television experience for children, adults and all lovers of flimsy cardboard.

With over 5 million books and 2.5 million videos sold in the UK since April 1988, as well as a range of imaginative and high-quality products, Bertie the Box is the preschool world's favourite cardboard box. In December 2000, A Square Box in a Round World, Bertie's theme song, topped the charts in the UK. In April 2001, Bertie's debut album, I am Box, reached number 4 in the UK charts.

Roland Hart, Bertie's creator, has this to say: "I was trying to come up with a universal character, something that unified everyone. I was thinking what rich people, poor people, black people, white people had in common - and then I had an brainwave! Boxes! Everyone uses boxes."

"And from that point it was easy. I never knew that Bertie would take off like it did, but I always had a sneaky feeling that the public would love the box as much as I did."

The pictures on the right show clips from some of Bertie's most memorable escapades. But don't worry - there is plenty more to come from Britain's best-loved box.

Episode 1: Bertie in the Garden
Bertie sits in a garden as the sun shines
Episode 2: Bertie in the Warehouse
Bertie sits in a warehouse for two weeks
Episode 3: Bertie and Bill
Bertie in occupied by an alcoholic homeless man named Bill