A FEATURE presentation from themanwhofellasleep:

Celebrities at play - a series of

intimate portraits of the rich

and famous


No. 1 - Stephen Fry attacks Germaine Greer with a small axe.

Stepehen Fry and Germaine Greer.

No. 2 - Dane Bowers runs over Peter Andre in a drunken cry for help.

Dane Bowers and Peter Andre.

No. 3 - Arsene Wenger curses his unfeasably large hands.

Arsene Wenger

No. 4 - Pete Doherty and Alec Baldwin are engaged in sumo wrestling.

Pete Doherty and Alec Baldwin

No. 5 - Sir Ben Kingsley spends the weekend in the body of a dog.

No. 6 - Martin O'Neill and Martin Jol enjoy ice-creams.

Martin O'Neill and Martin Jol.

No. 7 - Nicolas Cage punches Will Self in the face.

Nicolas Cage and Will Self.

No. 8 - Lorraine Kelly rides a small train.

Lorraine Kelly

No. 9 - Sir Alan Sugar plays in goal for Tottenham Hotspur

Alan Sugar

No. 10 - Morgan Freeman runs for the 102 bus in Bounds Green.

Morgan Freeman

No. 11 - Phil Collins and President Ahmadinejad of Iran dance together (for fun, not money).

Phil Collins and Mahmood Ahmadinejad.

No. 12 - Snooker legend Dennis Taylor is the strongest man in the world.

Dennis Taylor.

No. 13 - Mark E Smith and Harry Redknapp play table tennis together.

Mark E Smith and Harry Redknapp.

No. 14 - Ben Bernanke soars over New York in the form of a wasp.

Ben Bernanke

No. 15 - Gregg Wallace and Shami Chakribati discuss DIY

Gregg Wallace and Shami Chakribati.

No. 16 - Richard Madeley stands on a mountain, shaking his fist at God.

Richard Madeley

No. 16 - Anjem Chaudhary and Nick Griffin have a knife fight in Henley

Anjem Chaudhary and Nick Griffin