Polly needs a fresh start. In fact, she needs several fresh starts. She's quitting her job as a television researcher to become a novelist. And she's leaving her boyfriend Toby too. Together with her daffy, zany friend Alison, she's heading to London and painting the town red... but will the paint be her own blood? And will the paintbrush be the engorged member of Igor, the serial rapist who lives in the bedsit below her?

When Polly meets Igor, the sparks fly; She feels a star-crossed chemistry - but he needs a lot of work: he snores, leaves the toilet seat up, forgets anniversaries and is obsessed by anally raping immigrant girls.

Polly may be a beauty, but can she tame Igor's beast? Whatever she does, she is determined to finally stop dreaming and start living. Whether writing poetry or cleaning up the remnants of Alison's dismembered corpse, she knows that it's time to wise up and face reality. And then she can really start to live

The perfect feelgood rape book, 13 August, 2003

Reviewer: A dwarf from Birmingham

"I read this on the bus to work in the morning and even though the bus wasn't going anywhere, and I don't really have a job, it cheered me up. I loved the characters, thought that it was very wittily written, enjoyed the descriptions of Chelsea and thought that the sex scenes were hilarious! Finally, an accurate anal rape scene! I especially loved the Hitler Youth theme running through it - there were shades of Leni Riefenstahl that I hadn't expected to find. It's a simple story of girl meets sex offender, but the author has used a sharp eye and clever observations to make this romance really stand out from all the rest."