And why not?

Here are just a few snaps of my holiday trips around the world. I have travelled extensively and always dress impeccably, whether I am at home or abroad. As an Englishman overseas I am an ambassador for my culture, and feel it is best to dress conservatively but stylishly. I am indebted to my wonderful Corby trouser press.

Here I am in front of a large cooling tower. In the background you can see another cooling tower and some sky. Here I am on a building site in Dalston. The locals were very friendly and gave me a free kicking.
Here I am, standing on the motorway. Don't worry about my safety. A childhood playing Frogger allows me to skilfully dodge cars. Here I am in a stream. I was chased their by some local scoundrels who mistook me for a paedophile.
Here I am standing astride the world's largest jar of pickled gherkins. I can tell you it was quite a view. Here I am in London's famous Piccadilly Circus. It is a blur of neon lights and glamorous urban hipsters.

There will be no more holiday snaps. That's it.