A FEATURE presentation from themanwhofellasleep:

A knife. A fork. A spoon. The classic power trio. Guitar. Bass. Drums. Perfect for soup and dinner.



"If music be the food of love, play on," someone once said. And so my band plays (silently) on. The lead singer/guitarist is a fork, perfect for holding food in place and pronging errant peas. The bassist is a knife, the first weapon known to man (Cain drew his knife, crept up behind his brother Abel and slit his throat with one swift motion) but also handy for cutting steaks and chopping vegetables. On drums is a spoon. (Who hasn't used a spoon to tap out a rhythm as he waited for the meal to start?). A spoon can be used for soups or deserts and let's not forget that they are also useful for slippery pasta.

Here, the band are having a jam. Obviously, the knife is useful here, as he can spread the jam across bread to form a sandwich. The spoon can also be useful for scooping the last jelly-like remnants of jam from the jar. The fork is pretty much useless, but since he's the singer (EGO) and lead guitarist (EGOx2) he is included, because otherwise he'd storm off in a huff and end up in bed with an underage groupie (a teaspoon) and fall asleep drunk in the wrong cutlery draw.

Cutlery is very important in any domestic situation. But the usefulness doesn't stop it from also being FUN!