The pic of the week

11 of the 12 Angry Men

That's a baseball cap in my hand. W? Waiting for the sun. Gerald Ford. Noir femme fatale I can't spell his name. Rock! Roll!
Holborn girl. Happy birthday. noir In the pub. John Reid. I am indifferent. Maudlin man. A naked woman. An old man.
tennis I'm on a train. A cigar smoker. Naked. A man running in pants.
Someone crying. James Dean Blah blah Cat Power I only recently discovered that Leo McKern was Australian. Headphones Robbie Keane. Martin Jol.
po-etry/ ///art In bed. Pathetic. Oscar playing pool. Smokin old me. A composite portrait.
A bad book. A big dog. A polar bear 2008 Sexy. A naked advert. The Sun.
Daily Mail guide to asylum seekers. David Blaine in his box with Danny Mills. The anti-Bush protests attracted a mixed crowd. Me on Mars. My new comic. Michael Winner. A naked lady. Again. I repeat myself.
The BBC announces that Willie Thorne is the new Dr Who. Me and Koala. Sadness A bad pun., An animation of the Gherkin Tower. A rhino on the tube.
You won't find your.... oh.... The pumas speed past Alexandra Palace station The Marx Brothers. The Church is looking at new ways to find Christians So very frothy A depressing picture I drew. It would have changed the course of popular culture
The bathroom olympics. People are confused by tits I like the sombre grey. My homage to Rene Magritte (More facts) A sexy lady! A diagram
Hmmm...poets are so sexy A man and a plane. Oooh... so moody Yes, it is art I drew this in felt tip pens... just like Tony Hart Dancing when drunk A guest star.
A friend, drinking. A poem about a wasp A detective story. About fruit. A fairytale about bears It's a good question. I would like rock'n'roll to cure all my ills. But it doesn't even get me drunk Another self-portrait. Narcissism is bad, no?
A true story My twin sister my nephew is very sweet A sexy seal. A woman shaving her legs. A nice picture of a man on the tube. A stupid picture of a shop
Some women glow when pregnant. Another self-portrait. If they were good enough for Rembrandt, they are good enough for me An experiment with paining in Photoshop. I like it. Do YOU? a man on a train. Where is he going? Michael Winner is a superhero All true Is the girl less real than the flowers?
A woman. Naked. It's Michael Winner, but not as you know him A kiss I do not understand this picture That peasant is me. But I am from the city I do not know if I like the city. Love is porn.
A happy couple. They meet at Paddington. This is me. A house. Why is my brain so hurting? Oh dear.
I drew this. She is quite busty. In the spotlight. A depression dog day. Jacques Clement waits for a train. A health warning.
A naked teen So sad. It's Papa Chanukah! Pop art Satire A drawing. Spam
Bogart Sexy and ugly Lee J Cobb A story about an alarm Pele. Puerile nonsense. Who is Richard Widmark?
I'd be a rubbish superhero. Plato and his dog. Many of me. Mincing (I am jewish, but I have a soft spot for Jesus) The critical reader Shoes.
A mandrill. A sulky girl. Stripes. Japan! patterns A scene. A bad joke.
cRESPO I don't know. Martin Jol. Saddam is bad. A beard Burroughs Ted Gracyk
A face A golfer Freak. He won my heart. Cleaning fluid My doorway. The King
A robot. Angry. A small lady. A girl in a bath. Berlin. Swaures sqUREWS sqUERES Yes.
Woody Allen. An all-too-common act. A map of the USA God? Naked art. Pulp-y. Mafiosi.
Sexy? Don't ask me. Jesus is coming Existential cheese. He is sitting A map Self-portrait as a swinging 60's intellectual Roads.
A bald man. wALter Matthau A Crap Supervillain A pilot Steve Irwin
Ronnie O'Sullivan Margaret Dumont. Zippy. Greengrocers. Sad. A French sleuth. Pen and ink sketch.
Jennifer. A swampman. Unwanted bits of porn. Beardy me. A collage. Tube smell. Himage.
An egg pattern. More philip larkin. Dr Who Nick Griffin. A sketched traced drawing. Me. Almost. Kings Cross
A detective A face. Men are so disappointing.