Pit yourself against these brain teasers! This week, all the puzzle have an ursine theme.

Word Search

There are ten words about bears hidden within the grid. One is already ringed. See if you can find the others.


All the clues in today's crossword refer to popular dances. Sometimes my fingers hurt when I type. My life is just a strange series of unconnected events. Why do I bother?

Because someone has to do it. Someone has to make sense of this crazy, topsy-turvy world we live in. Yeah. I'm not saying I've got all the answers, but I'm asking the right questions...

There's no doubt in my mind that Mendoza was killed... no way was it suicide.


2. My pet dog when I was younger
3. My favourite material
6. The name of my Primary school
7. What am I thinking of right now?
8. The opposite of right
9. Where I went last December
12. My uncle's name
14. A kind of plant
15. Vaseline Intensive Care
16. My favourite singer
18. Chrissie Hynde
20. How did I end up here?
21. See 1 across
23. What did I eat last night?
25. Nasty stomach cramps
26. Left wing racist I don't like
28. Like a seahorse, but bigger
29. Why did dad leave?
30. My brand of contact lenses
31. How many fingers am I holding up? (no peeking)
33. My second-favourite thing
34. Andrew Sach's fondest memory
35. A number between 1 and 100
37. Where did I buy my corduroy trousers
38. Pssst...you know
39. A type of pastry favoured by Spanish people on holiday in London
40. Bounds Green Road
41. Another type of pastry Spanish people sometimes eat


1. Down down, deeper down
2. The plane depicted on my old pillow case
3. My favourite anecdote about Ossie Ardiles
4. A coarse, rough stone. No, not that one...
5. Do I prefer tea or coffee?
8. The price I paid for my mini A-Z
10. The bloke who played Doctor Who
11. Mike Leigh's best-kept secret
13. Unlucky for some
14. Am I asleep?
15. Angela's cat is getting very old and scraggy
16. What is the second-hand bookshop just down the road from me?
17. Not E.T
18. The Argentines DON'T refer to them as Las Malvinas
19. Name a Prince album
20. What is my most hated memory of Universty?
22. Leon's brother is receding a bit
23. A type of hat and also a type of fish
24. OPT (anag)
27. Mother, we must run. The army is coming. We must burn the food
29. Julie Andrews
31. The name of my sister's first serious boyfriend
32. Do I have a hairy chest?
33. And now?
34. A white stink that floods the lowlands
35. What country am I? (not Portugal)
36. Andy Warhol's last words
38. Go back to Old Kent Road

Logic Problems

1) Johnny has eighteen apples. He eats them all in one day. He has a terrible stomach-ache and feels poorly. Why does he do it? What is he trying to prove? He's always doing things like that - extravagant gestures that don't impress anyone. Do you think I should leave him?

2) A train leaves Edinburgh at 5.25pm. It travels towards London at 55mph. Is this what I pay my taxes for? Honestly, the rail infrastructure in this country is just a joke. And was there any announcement about the delay? No, of course not. My father always calls Britain a Third World country and I'm beginning to agree with him. It was a terrible journey, but what can you do? They have a bloody monopoly.

3) Corbin Bernsen seems like a nice fellow. Do you think he'll be my friend?

Spot the difference

How many differences can you spot in these two pictures?

Picture 1)
Picture 2)


The following names are all anagrams of celebrities. But can you work out who they are?

1) Frank Kinners
2) Barbra Reisands
3) Hilary Wanks
4) Susan Arandons
5) Meryl Treeps
6) Telly Avalass
7) Arnold Chwartzeneggers
8) Claire Weeneys
9) Kiefer Utherlands
10) Rod Teigers