This page is very simple. It is a gallery of people reading A Year in the Life of TheManWhoFellAsleep. If you want to be included, simply take a photo of yourself reading the book, and send the photo to themanwhofellasleep at hotmail dot com.

Rachel and Matthes  The Cooper King

Kat Kat  Deatho smokes  

Me. I've already read it  Sharon

Oded and Dina.  The ever-charismatic Maurvin.

Is it Oscar Wilde? No, it's Jack Jordan.  A Hungarian Hotel employee.

Burtster. The King of Rock n Roll.  The Horsey of Gormenghast.

Millie. She is merciless.  King Canary. Naked Norwich fan.

  Rocko reads with spackphone.

Calebius  The Mighty Nathan of Schliemannstrasse.

  Juan Carlos Stekelman, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2006.  Chaino. The greatest non-living Norner.

Chin. British Comedian of the Year, 2012.  Sahra.


  This is Nick. I have no idea who he is, but I suspect he looks like Owen Hargreaves.

Storageheater and his crazy hat.   Storageheater's flatmate. He doesn't have a name.

Morey on the beach, looking relaxed.   Emiel. The second greatest Dutchman after Martin Jol.

Angela. Graphic Designer to the stars.   Jane. She escaped from Birmingham.

A man called Toby. Photo by Keith Richards.   A girl named Ellie. She runs a book club.

Victoria. She has known me since I was 16.   A girl called Kate, apparently reading my book. For all I know it may be Harry Potter.

A man called Jimi. He made the photo black and white. It's not my fault.   

Luciana in Buenos Aires. Painter, thinker and call centre gladiator.   Peter Taft enjoys a glass of something.

An arty pic of Marcela reading on the beach.

Ms Bee reads the book at a launch party.  Random people reading the book.

  Mark Ward.

Jon. Trivia king of north London.  Nick Packham. He has a website.

Helen. She likes books.   Who is this man? Is it Uri Geller? Is it 7 shades of shite? Is it Linden Village People? Is it all three?

My niece Naomi.  Adin reading the book.