And why not?


People are always asking me why God put them on earth.

I rarely have the answer, but I politely inform them that I will pass on any relevant enquiries to the person in charge.

This normally satisfies them and they leave me to carry on being nailed to a cross.

If life seems pointless, then comfort yourself with the fact that plenty of other things are pointless too, and that evolution will probably end up turning mankind into something capable of finding answers.

Failing that, DO NOT kill yourself. You will die one day, and you never know when a pleasant surprise will change your life for the better.


In my conversations with God (he calls, I accept the charges), I find he asks more questions than he answers. He often asks me for the bank details of me and my friends.

He rarely answers any of my theological queries, and sometimes says nothing.

I do hope it is God, or I've been wasting my time.